September 22, 2012

Training and teaching, teaching and training

Clinic with Kathy

Kathy Adams was in town for a clinic August 25-26th. It was a great clinic and I think that my lesson with Kathy on day two was probably one of the best she has ever given me. She did an exceptional job of getting me to be more patient when Audi gets tight and holds. Instead of putting more pressure on him, Kathy encouraged me to just wait it out a little longer. It seems so simple and yet when you're up there in the heat of the moment it's easy to forget. Two of my students also rode with Kathy at my place. They both had really good lessons and got a lot out of the two days.

I also traveled to Ohio mid-September for a lesson with George Williams. I had been trying like crazy to get out there this summer but a variety of complications with my trailer and truck prevented that trip from happening until now. The lesson was really, really good. George Williams rode Audi and was able to give me so much constructive feedback about how to approach the details having to do with Audi's throughness and collection. I'm ecstatic that I get to work him and am already looking forward to a return trip in early October for another lesson.

In addition to my own riding, I've been teaching a lot this summer. I'm lucky that I get to work with a variety of students. They are all so enthusiastic about learning and the progress that each one of them has made is really exciting. I'm honored that I get to contribute to their riding education.

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