August 23, 2012

Summer Sizzler

I competed Audi at the WPDA Summer Sizzler the weekend of August 11-12th at Grand Haven Stable. I decided that it made sense to just show First Level since we had some bobbles at the previous competition. It proved to be a good decision because I was able to put in three solid tests. Since Audi has switched to a new 'whole foods' diet I was interested to see if his stamina was different over the three days. His track record so far has been to fizzle on the final day because he gets tired and when Audi gets tired he tends to misbehave, unlike most horses who just get quiet. But not this weekend. He felt great on the final day. I rode First Level Test 1 to start with on Saturday and scored 68.9% for first place. I was surprised that the score was that low but hey, that's the sport. We rode our First Level Test 3 at the end of the day and scored a 74.1% for another first place. Charlotte Bayley was also in this class with her fantastic horse Santos and placed second with a 72%. I honestly thought they were going to take the first because they had an amazing test. I watched it from the barn as I took out Audi's braids and thought it was pretty flawless. Sunday I only rode in one class, another First Level Test 3. It was a nice ride, again steady and forward, and we scored 69.8% for another first place. Audi ended up taking home the First Level Open High Point award and we won a little prize money too. Winning money is pretty groovy!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Audi with his blue's. He was a good boy and indulged me. 

Now that I'm home without any shows on the schedule until October the game plan is collection and focusing on becoming more confident and comfortable with the work from Second and Third Level. It's especially fun to feel how much steadier the flying changes and half pass are becoming. Audi also enjoys getting out of the ring for his hack days and is becoming a big fan of jumping on trail. When he's in his jumping tack he does look like a pretty convincing jumper :)

Here's to continued health and happiness as summer winds down and we begin to approach fall.

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