June 18, 2014


Things have been exciting these days. I got married on April 26th, moved to Unionville on May 4th, changed my named and launched my LLC. Just your typical start of summer, right? It was tough to go from a whirlwind of being busy non-stop to having a slower pace of a lot of unknown. I felt as though I had jet lag for several weeks. I'm starting to figure out a new routine though and my horses are slowly settling into their new routine at Fair Hill Farm. I'm bedding my horses on straw which threw me for a loop. I'm a pro with shavings and sawdust, but felt like a classic idiot trying to clean out the stalls now that I'm using straw. Thankfully I'm improving and might pass the mucking exam by summers end. Bunny's fitness has been getting better and better, and he's even starting to get a little sassy. Audi has decided that one end of the outdoor arena is going to eat him, so we tend to do a lot of scooting and spooking outside. I hope the evil monster living next the arena goes away soon. And Hootie is enjoying his hacks and ring time, but he is really thrilled that he gets to eat so much yummy grass and the occasional flake of alfalfa.

Since moving I've made three trips back to the Pittsburgh area to teach. It has been wonderful to continue helping all of my students on the western part of the state and I plan on continuing to go back at least once a month. I'm also thrilled that I just started teaching two new students in Maryland. I know that it's going to take a while for my business here to develop, but I'm pleased as punch that I got to start teaching. I really love teaching and helping people, and learn something from every horse I get to sit on. It makes me a better rider, trainer and coach. I'm hopeful that I will find my niche in the horse community here.

I've received some wonderful lessons from Scott Hassler and Silva Martin. They have been extremely helpful with improving the quality of Audi's canter, in particular the flying changes. The trot work continues to get better and better, so I'm hopeful that we can start to put together the pieces in the show ring and have some stronger tests by the end of the season. Both Bunny and Audi have been to two competitions. Overall they've been super and very enjoyable to ride. I'm taking both of them to the PVDA Ride For Life competition this weekend. Audi will compete at Third Level and Bunny will be competing at Training Level.

Some pictures from this spring and summer...

Greeting Audi during the wedding reception.

The boys enjoying life at Fair Hill Farm.
Bunny at his very first recognized competition and on his way to winning the class with a 71.4%

Audi leaving the ring after completing his first test at Third Level and scoring a 65.7% to win the class.

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