April 2, 2014

Spring bloom

It's beginning to look a lot like springtime...thank goodness! My horses have been back in consistent work for about four weeks now and feel fantastic. I think they are happy to have their routines back and feel better now that they can exert some energy. I introduced Audi to the double bridle, which went just peachy. My student Linda and I have been sharing the responsibility of getting Hootie back into shape. The old boy turns 23 this month, but he looks great and seems happy to continue to work so I have no intention of putting him out to pasture anytime soon. Bunny is probably the one who is most thrilled about getting back into a routine. He's a bit OCD and seems to desire a purpose beyond eating and pooping. He's so much happier now that he has his job back.

And in less than four weeks I will be getting married to an amazing man, Mark Donaldson, and moving east to live in Kennett Square. It's an exciting time for me, full of BIG changes, but wonderful opportunities. Of course I'm thrilled to be able to call Mark my husband, but if we are talking about horses, I gotta say that I'm looking forward to living in Chester County where some of the world's greatest equestrians are located. I have been invited to move my horses into Nancy Murray's farm in Fair Hill, MD where I will continue to be responsible for the care and management of my own horses much like what I've been doing these past several years at my mother's place in Sewickley. Nancy bred my horse Audi and it will be really cool to see if he remembers the farm when he goes back in May. I'm eager to grow my training business and look forward to learning as much as I can from Nancy who possesses a wealth of knowledge about horse management and care.

It's going to be difficult to leave Pittsburgh. I have nothing but love for this city and the amazing people who live here. I might be living on the other side of the state, but Pittsburgh will always be home.

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