August 11, 2013

Kick it up a notch

Last month I was fortunate to spend three incredible days at Riveredge participating in the Hassler Dressage clinic with Debbie McDonald. Debbie is an immensely gifted teacher. I walked away from my two lessons with the bar raised a little higher for both myself and my horse. Debbie pushed me to be more demanding on Audi, and myself, and to work towards to developing a greater degree of self carriage and collection. Audi felt really behind the leg during the clinic for some reason, he just didn't have the spark he typically has, however it was constructive for me to learn how to work with him when he feels that way.  Not only were my lessons educational, but having the opportunity to watch a diverse group of talented horses and riders work with Debbie was invaluable. I owe a big thank you to Scott and Susanne Hassler, Debbie McDonald and the entire team at Hassler Dressage for the opportunity to take part in this clinic. And a big thanks to Mark Donaldson for taking some great photographs during the clinic.

Warmup outside

Great group of auditors

Debbie did a fantastic job of clearly describing what we needed to work on.

The poll is most definitely up!

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