July 3, 2013

Lessons with the captain

Last week I traveled to Chesapeake City, MD for several lessons with Scott Hassler. My stay was extended a day due to poor weather conditions and I was fortunate to be able to add a third lesson to the agenda. It was a great thing because my third lesson was fantastic. We tapped into a canter that I had never felt before on Audi. Scott encouraged me to be more diligent about creating the rhythm through my seat and breathing leg, and boy did that make a difference. Scott is a fabulous coach and person. He makes me aspire to be the best I can be. I wish that the drive to Riveredge was closer so that I could see Scott more often, but I always find that the intensive training sessions and coaching at competitions are chock full of information that continues to stick with me when I'm at home riding on my own.

Here's some footage from my lesson on day one:

The magnificent Riveredge walkway.
Praise for the best boy!

Hand grazing outside Riveredge.

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