May 14, 2012

A hat trick and high point

I took my student Riley and her adorable pony Sport Model to their first competition of the year on Saturday. In addition to winning all three of their classes, they also took home a high point ribbon. It was very exciting! Ribbons aside though, what I'm most proud about was how well Riley rode. Riley rode with total focus and conviction to get him in front of her leg and on the aids. It was spectacular to see her in the show ring, making the appropriate corrections as the test went along. Riley's third class was a combined training division with a dressage test and round of stadium. Her stadium course was beautifully ridden with great composure and judgement. She had a proud mom and coach standing on the rail cheering for her. We all went home tired and a little sunburned but with big smiles on our faces. It was a great day.

Like I always say, winning is fun!

Riley and "Sporty"

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