May 26, 2012

Clinic with Kathy Adams

FEI Dressage trainer Kathy Adams (Stockton, NJ) will be coming to Pittsburgh to teach a clinic on June 2-3. I've been riding with Kathy for about 15 years now. She has been a loyal friend and mentor to me through the ups and the downs. I always look forward to having her in town. Not only are her lessons educational but they're also a lot of fun.

The clinic will be split between Saxonburg, PA and Sewickley, PA and there is no fee to audit.

Saturday, June 2nd

Braeface Farm Saxonburg, PA
8:45-9:30             Angie Tobben
9:30-10:15           Sandi Myers
10:15-11:00         Mary Schroeder
11:00-11:15         break
11:15-12:00         Jane Miller
12:00-12:45         Lauren Burke

Lisa Nelson’s Valencia, PA
1:45-2:30             Lisa Nelson

Barberry Farm Sewickley, PA
3:30-4:15             Letty Savage

Emily Craig’s Sewickley, PA
4:30-5:15            Gina Miller
5:15-6:00            Emily Craig

Sunday, June 3rd

Braeface Farm Saxonburg, PA
8:30-9:15             Angie Tobben
9:15-10:00           Lauren Burke
10:00-10:45         Mary Schroeder
10:45-11:00         break
11:00-11:45         Amanda Reynolds
11:45-12:30         Jane Miller
12:30-1:15           lunch
1:15-2:00             Amanda Reynolds

Lisa Nelson’s Valencia, PA
2:15-3:00             Lisa Nelson

Barberry Farm Sewickley, PA
4:00-4:45             Letty Savage

Emily Craig’s Sewickley, PA
5:00-5:45            Gina Miller
5:45-6:30            Emily Craig

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