June 7, 2011

Clinic with Bent Jensen

I rode Audi in a clinic with Bent Jensen over the weekend at Mike and Jean Bitely's farm in Gibsonia, PA. Mike and Jean are gracious hosts. Their clinics are 100% about the training experience with the clinician which I love. I have an enormous amount of respect for how Bent trains and rides. He has a straightforward approach that makes sense and enables you, as the rider, to leave the lesson with a clear understanding for what you need to work on, how it should feel when it's correct and what the long term goals should be. I was fortunate to have him get on Audi both days. Not only was it fun for me to watch him work my horse but it was even better when I was allowed to get back on and feel the difference. Educational experiences like that are what make you and your horse better. Here is some footage from the last part of my lesson on Sunday. With Bent's guidance, I was able to get to some really good work with Audi that was much straighter and more connected -can't wait to ride with him again!

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